Sunday, January 27, 2013

סגולה SEGULAH (An action with conducive influence): 7-11


7. Someone who becomes mute suddenly and unexpectedly, should pass a kosher butcher's knife over his mouth.

8. A segulah for a woman having difficulty giving birth is to hang the key to the cemetery upon her neck.

9. It is a segulah for one suffering illness in the neck, to weep over the destruction of the Temple.

10. Upon entering a new house in which to live, it is a segulah to bring in a sword, knife or other weapon. An indication for this (from Scripture): "Through wisdom a house is built" -- the letters of "wisdom" (ChuChMah) stand for "Weapons of Violence they practice where they Reside (Bereshit 49:5)". Their swords, their residence (the Hebrew word in the verse which was translated as “their residence” can be alternately translated: "their swords" (in which case the “weapons of violence” would be translated as, stolen weapons, see Rashi there)). [t.n. Thus a connection between weapons and the maintaining of residence can be established].

11. Apples are a segulah for one who has difficulties in childbirth.

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